Compliance E-Learning - Better Business Program
The Better Business compliance e-learning program provides you with compliance training in simple, practical steps to protect and promote your business.
Compliance E-Learning, compliance training, compliance software
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Law of the Jungle has unprecedented experience delivering solutions at the intersection of law, business, learning and technology. We’ve work with industry giants to provide the highest standard of compliance training to their employees.


Our comprehensive and easy-to-follow compliance e-learning system empowers employees to work confidently and ensure they meet their compliance obligations.


Law of the Jungle’s compliance e-learning system, the Better Business Program, increases business productivity by increasing regulatory knowledge and guiding compliant business strategy. Our information is kept up to date with the latest rules and regulations on a regular basis. The Better Business Program develops compliant and cooperative business culture and informs employees on their compliance obligations in order to protect the business.


Compliance training is essential for any enterprise – but not all programs are effective at empowering employees with the knowledge they need. The Better Business Program provides simple, easy to follow steps with the latest legal know-how on a wide range of subjects. Our program uses a simple, user-friendly interface to inform and reinforce guidance for employees. We’ve worked with well-known clients across various industries to meet their compliance training needs and ensure that their organisations are protected.